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      3 Easy Steps To Start Cloud Mining

      NO.1 Sign up
      Fill in the form and get ready to start mining in under than 1 minute.
      NO.2 Choose Your Plan
      Choose one of the most profitable contracts and start cloud mining.
      NO.3 Receive Payout Everyday
      Withdraw your mining income on a daily basis to your crypto wallet.

      Choose Mining Plan

      Your hardware is already running, Find a plan that's right for you.
      ETH-P10 Pro
      • 50MHS
      • Electricity Fee: $0.0086
      • Maintenance Fee: 0%
      • Online Date: Effective lmmediately
      • Contract Duration: lifetime
      $ 2.515

      PER 50MHS

      ETH-P10 Pro
      • 100MHS
      • Electricity Fee: $0.0086
      • Maintenance Fee: 0%
      • Online Date: Effective lmmediately
      • Contract Duration: lifetime
      $ 5.03

      PER 100MHS

      ETH-P10 Pro
      • 200MHS
      • Electricity Fee: $0.0086
      • Maintenance Fee: 0%
      • Online Date: Effective lmmediately
      • Contract Duration: lifetime
      $ 10.06

      PER 200MHS

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      Customize Your Plan

      100 THS
      0T 100T 300T 500T 700T 900T MAX THS
      Landing Ico #1
      0.00 BTCTotal Output ($0.00)
      0.00 USDTotal Electricity Fee



      No Maintenance Fee

      We got the competitive price on electricity, so we don't have to charge Maintenance Fee


      Newest Hardware

      We use The newest ASIC miner, GPU rigs. You get the most advanced technologies from frogbt.com


      Expert Team

      Our mining team come from in blockchain industry and IT engineers, we have you covered with the knowledge and skills of our team.


      Daily Payouts

      The mining starts immediately after confirmed payment. First payouts within 24 hours. Afterward, the payouts continue daily.



      The overwhelming majority of funds are stored in offline, cold wallets. McAfee® SECURE protection. Automatic backup of the database once a day.


      We aim high at being focused on building relationships with our clients and community.

      If you haven’t received a confirmation within 10 minutes, please check your “Spam” folder.

      You can follow the below steps to resend the verification email.

      On Website: Go to Dashboard Tap Resend Email at the top of the screen.

      On iOS & Android: Go to Notifications Tap Resend Email.

      In case you don’t receive anything after 24 hours email us to info@frogbt.com (Please Make sure to write to us from the email that your account is linked to)

      * The account is already activated by default if you sign up with Google or Facebook.

      If for some reason you cannot pass the 2-factor authentication, we can remove it after verifying ownership of your account.

      Here is the information that you need to fill in order to remove 2FA:

       1. Registered email address:

       2. BTC Wallet address registered on your account:

      Warning! resetting 2FA will temporarily block withdrawals for 2 weeks due to security precautions.

      Please follow these steps to update your Email:

      1.Create a ticket to request changing Email address.

      2.Send screenshots of proof of purchase for verifying account ownership.

      3.Subject to a 2 day cooling off period.

      4.No response received, Email will be amended.

      1: One common reason why you are unable to log in is that the username or password were entered incorrectly. Try to log in again and remember that the username or password may be case sensitive. If you still can’t log in, select the “Forgot password” link on the login page and check your email to see if the reset password link has been sent.

      2: Please Click Fix Login issues

      3: Please use Chrome's incognito mode.(Press Ctrl + Shift + N)

      4: Please change a browser.

      1: Find a Code that you'd like to redeem.

      2: Copy the Code.

      3: Proceed to Checkout.

      4: Enter or Paste the Code and Click apply.

      5: Enjoy Your Savings.

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      New User Get 10TH/S SHA-256 (Bitcoin) Hash Rate For Free!

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