• The platform has many mines all over the world. Customers can choose to host the mines by themselves. Mining machines are deployed by professionals and maintained 24 hours
  • The platform only collects electricity fee (Laos mine $0.091/KWH or Canada mine $0.076/KWH ) and shelf loading fee (15USD / time). The electricity bill will be sent the next month and settled by RMB remittance
  • After arriving at the mine, 5 days starts to deploy mining. You can check the calculation power and income through the ore pool link. If you have any questions, you can contact the customer service for handling
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Hosting process

Simple 5 steps to easily manage the miner

  • Submit hosting information

  • Sign custody agreement

  • Logistics delivery

  • Loading machine

  • Gain income

Relevant qualification agreement

Strong alliance, complementary advantages and win-win cooperation

Mine display

Professional miner supplier installation service

Information submission

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