About Frogbt

Frogbt Cloud mining

Frogbt is committed to providing full-cycle solutions from mining to digital asset management for crypto holders, helping customers easily achieve wealth accumulation, preservation and appreciation.

Frogbt has a senior management team with backgrounds in the IT industry, mining industry, financial leasing, banking, private equity and other industries. We have rich experience with investment and asset management,committed to selecting safe and stable digital asset products in the market for customers and serving as crypto holders.

Frogbt has gradually become the platform of choice for public investors due to its safety, stability and reliability. The business includes six sectors: mining farm construction, mining farm operation, miner hosting, miner leasing, joint mining, and cloud computing power mining.

The mining farm located in Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang of China, with more than 100,000 new miner. The business covers Russia, Taiwan, North America, South Korea, Japan and many other countries.


Data Center Locations

Our Mining Data Centers are located in Inner Mongolia & Sichuan, China.


Cooling System

Air cooling system and Water cooling system keeping temperature: 20-24°C.


Power System

We use Hydropower & Wind power, Total capacity of 300,000 KW. 0.05 $/kWh


Security/Fire Protection

24/7 on-site guards, intrusion detection systems, IP-DVR cameras.


Data Center Hardware

15,000+ The newest ASIC miner, GPU rigs are Ready to mine.


Our Team

Our mining team come from in blockchain industry and IT engineers.